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Coming soon: Taming the Zebra

A definitive guide for patients and providers

If you know someone or are an individual with hypermobility spectrum disorder (HSD) or Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS), you recognize that, though this should not be the case, there are challenges navigating the healthcare system. As physical therapists, Patricia Stott (DPT, PT, MS, ATC, CHT, CYT) and Heather Purdin (MS, PT, CMPT) have witnessed the resulting impacts firsthand, but they have also seen what happens when patients find the answers and care they need. 

In pursuit of generating positive outcomes for patients, Stott and Purdin have combined their personal and professional knowledge and written Taming the Zebra - It’s Much More Than Hypermobility: The Definitive Physical Therapy Guide to Managing HSD/EDS Volume I Systemic Issues and General Approach. Featuring insightful and fun illustrations from talented artist Chris Purdin, like the one shown above, Taming the Zebra addresses how various body parts are affected in HSD/EDS patients and provides management strategies that derive from experience working in a rehabilitation setting. As a resource for both patients and providers, this guide will aim to share knowledge that will help better the lives of HSD/EDS patients.

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Patients and members of the HSD/EDS communities have been integral to the development of this book, and we appreciate your continued support and involvement. Sign up for our emails to stay connected with our progress, get book exclusives, and be in the know about the second volume and other offerings.

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